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AutoSwift Retractable Charger

AutoSwift Retractable Charger

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 Roadside Powerhouse for Quick and Tangle-Free Charging!" 🚗

Meet your reliable travel buddy for hassle-free charging on the road! 🚗

Smooth Cable Pulling:

Problem: Cable not going in smoothly.
Solution: Extends its cable up to 80cm for usage and automatically retracts it for neat storage, preventing cable entanglement. This feature ensures cleanliness and convenience in control and usage. No knots, no tangles!

Works with Your Stuff:

Problem: Wondering if it works with your gadgets.
Solution: Autoswift charger widely compatible with most of the automobiles and mobile devices

Charge Faster, Not Slower:

Problem: Charging taking too long.
Solution: Experience rapid charging with our retractable car charger, ensuring your devices power up swiftly and efficiently.

Built to Last:
Problem: Worried if it will break.
Solution: This charger is equipped with safeguards against overcharging, overcurrent, overvoltage, temperature fluctuations, and short circuits to ensure that your device's battery remains safe from potential damage caused by overcharging.

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