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Door Anchor Extra Large to fit D-Handle Indoor Resistance Bands


Name: door anchor Sponge size: 4x4.2cm cm /1.57x1.65 inches Material: high quality ribbon+sponge Color: black Exercise: Fitness Resistance Belt Exercise, 100% New High Quality Features: 1. Heavy construction-the design and manufacture of door anchors are very strong. The system generates up to 330 pounds of tension. Each door anchor is made of thick nylon webbing and nylon inner core to increase stability. 2 .. Suitable for all resistance belts-Suitable for all types of resistance training and fitness belts with D-handle. Work with you to complete multiple sets of actions. 3. Suitable for all positions of the door-the door anchor adopts dense but soft foam. It can protect your belt anywhere, even if there is considerable space at the top and bottom of the door. This function greatly increases the number of exercises you can perform. Product selling points: How to use it? The first step. Open the door. When you do exercises, be sure to use a strong door and close it in your direction (this will ensure that the door is actually drawn in when you pull the strap) Step 2. After walking to the door, insert the anchor ring through the hinge side opening. Step 3. Open the ring of the door anchor. Step 4. Pass your elastic band through the ring of the door holder. The package includes: 1x door anchor


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